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Robert L. Elliott, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder: The Elliott-Elliott-Head Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Dr. Robert Elliott is the driving force behind our Center. Colleagues often remark that his energy seems boundless. Indeed, it often is.

In 1973, when our Center was founded, Dr. Elliott's dream was to create the finest center for total breast care. With that step behind us, the dream continues.  Dr. Elliott continues doing research to discover new treatments and drug therapies, and has implemented a team approach to bring total breast care to the patients.

Dr. Elliott sees patients from all over Louisiana, the Southeast and across the United States. He collaborates on research projects with other scientists around the world. Most recently, he has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Norway, the largest cancer treatment and research facility in Europe, to share research data and collaborate closely in the development of new breast and prostate cancer vaccines and other therapeutic approaches.

Dr. Elliott has spoken to medical audiences in the United States and Europe and has authored many papers and abstracts. He has also published a book, Breast Cancer, Anger at the Enemy, which deals with the lack of total breast care available for women. He shares his own frustration and heartaches of caring for dying cancer patients as they struggle for survival, and finally sends a message of hope as he and his research team search for a cure for breast cancer.

Trained as a general surgeon, Dr. Elliott feels that breast care should be a specialty of itself, with patients being able to receive the highest quality of care from one physician who reads their mammograms, examines them, performs their surgery and administers their therapies.

To advance this concept and to share his experience with other physicians like himself who specialize in breast care, Dr. Elliott founded the American Mastology Association. He currently serves as President of this society. In spite of a busy calendar of meetings and research, Dr. Elliott's first love is his patients. He devotes the majority of his time to our Center and to helping women overcome breast disease.

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